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“FUTURE LAUNCHER 201”8 was funded by CEO-plus club under the School of Business Administration and Economics of Tan Tao University was started on 02/06/2018. The program is designed to:

  • Creating opportunity and motivation to motivate students to pursue their dreams and business aspirations;
  • Equipment and training skills needed for the students before starting a career;
  • Creating an intellectual, useful and creative playground as well as an opportunity to interact with s entrepreneurs;

The program will start from 02/06/2018 to 20/08/2018 at Tan Tao University. Participants are students at age of 18-24 across the country. Spreading from the beginning, the program has received a lot of attention and enrollment of students from many university in Vietnam.

Contestants will have the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs, interesting workshops … In particular, the program has built up a practical week for TOP 5 contestants or group to select judges and be guided directly within a week before entering the GALA night. This week is a great opportunity to learn and exchange practical knowledge, experience and presentation skills.

For young people with the ideas of starting a business, “FUTURE LAUNCHER 2018” is a “launcher” to help you reach the dream.

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