Tan Tao University conducts ‘foreign semester’ for students

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From the year 2016, TTU officially launches “foreign semester” for students. Accordingly, TTU students can register for a term of study and practice for 4 to 8 weeks abroad to experience the international learning environment and culture, …

In the first stage, “foreign semester” is TTU focused deployment in the US and South Korea. Depending on the level of foreign language, academic ability and interests, the students will be elite to the best place to practice in the United States and Korea.

Dai hoc Tan Tao trien khai 'hoc ky nuoc ngoai' cho sinh vien hinh anh 1
TTU Medical School students in class with international friends at St. Mary, Indiana, United States

Representatives of Tan Tao University shared, “The goal of the school is that 100% of students will have a one-semester internship  before graduation to be able to adapt to any working conditions to work in any country in the world. Thus, each TTU student after graduation, in addition to professional capacity, meet foreign language standards, perfect soft skills, rich cultural background and rich real life available will enter the labor market with the baggage of a global citizen. “

Dai hoc Tan Tao trien khai 'hoc ky nuoc ngoai' cho sinh vien hinh anh 2
Four students from the School of Medicine of Tan Tao University had a wonderful experience in the clinical practice exchange program at Yonsei University – Korea.

From the very first steps, TTU has set itself the mission of building a new generation university with a modern educational philosophy that is closely linked to the real life and human resources of the country. Tan Tao University expects students after graduation to be able to lead, pursue lifelong learning and compete professionally in the international labor market. With that orientation, TTU has implemented many cooperation programs with famous universities in the world such as:  Rice University (USA), Yonsei University, Konkuk University (Korea) ). The school also regularly sends students to scientific research reports in many countries around the world such as China, Korea, Singapore, …

Dai hoc Tan Tao trien khai 'hoc ky nuoc ngoai' cho sinh vien hinh anh 3
TTU students – Bui Nhu Hong Hanh and international friends join the Asian Science Camp in Singapore

After 7 years of establishment and operation, TTU has made its first steps in bringing American higher education into Vietnam and bringing Vietnamese students to the world. It is known that students of Faculty of Economics and Engineering will have the opportunity to interview and practice in Silicon Valley. Biotech students are allowed to practice in the famous experimental gardens of American universities. 2nd year students, 3rd year of Tan Tao University Medical Faculty were sent to the United States, South Korea to practice in the hospital. Students of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Humanities will also be offered internships in the US for the 2017-2015 academic year.

Accordingly, in order to welcome the future elite students, to improve the probability of selection in the internship group in foreign countries in the coming time, the TTU enrollment committee said that priority schools directly candidates Students are awarded provincial and national prizes. Candidates may be considered for academic transcripts: Faculty of Economics, Engineering, Language-Humanities, and Biology. Students must have a GPA of 6.0 or higher. 7.0 or higher.