School of Business Administration and Economics had a meeting with Alumni of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

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Over the weekend, School of Business Administration and Economics (SBE) had a meeting with Alumni of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bao Linh. Through the meeting, Ms. Linh and Mr. Dung have shared about the mainstream mineral market and virtual currency (virtual currency).

Linh shares with SBE’s students about the Forex market, this is the world’s leading major mineral market with a long history and through many stages of development. The Forex market has been established since the early 15th century with a primitive form, and by the 17th century this market had grown throughout the world. Vietnam has entered the Forex market in 2005. This is a big potential market but there are a lot of risks, and everyone, from all walks of life, can participate.

She taught the students how to buy and sell in the market, how to look more objectively about the money flow, when to invest and when should not invest, the common risks.

Students have also been introduced to market balance and economic leverage, essential and important issues that a student needs to know and a trader must learn. With so many different social strata, the amount of investment varies, but the common point that she made during the meeting was: “It must be serious about investing in minerals, not important. I invest large or small, have put money into the mainstream market must be dedicated and careful”. Her advice is very sincere and helpful to the students.

With the amount of the transaction day on 5000 billion USD, the market for Forex is the market of the first field, the customer transaction has fast transaction and utility in the few minutes. With the available tools available, customer will have a look to look and more specified to determine the transaction. The easy profit of the business has been one in the most important elements for the transaction.

After the Ms.Linh sharing,Mr.Dung have been shared with you about a different currency market of other currency, this account accounting (CRYPTO CURRENCY). With concept concept easily is a line line created from the encoded algorithm. Money algorithm is split to primary type is BITCOIN and ALTCOIN.

Mr. Dung talked about the formation and development of CRYPTO CURRENCY, from the beginning to the present.

In 2008-2010, 1BITCOIN = 0.007 $ is the start of BITCOIN. At this stage very few people know BITCOIN and most countries and organizations do not accept BITCOIN as a monetary unit. Only a few shops use BITCOIN to trade. By the end of 2017, 1BITCOIN = $ 20 000. After 10 years of development, BITCOIN has made a great leap and many countries in the world such as Britain, USA, Japan, … have accepted BITCOIN as currency.

The benefits that money market provides to the user is easy to store, easy investment and easy to profit. With BITCOIN an anonymous trading market, it is convenient for dealing with large amounts of money.

He also shared the common problems of dealing with money and the protection of fraud protection devices from “SCAM” organizations, or, in other words, multi-level organizations.

The students of the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration were also eager to ask questions during the presentation process, and were answered as expected.

The meeting ended with photos of Mr. Dung – Ms. Linh and SBE’s students. The gifts sent to Mr.Dung and Ms. Linh instead of deep thanks for bringing new knowledge to students.